Radio Production


Location sound is our business. 

British Broadcast Audio offers bespoke location audio services for discerning radio & media producers regardless of scale.

A simple single-mic interview, the capture of the backstage banter and atmosphere at a high-profile performance event, the recording of more complex theatrical, acoustic or rock music performances or a fast moving talk-radio OB - we are your one-stop-shop! 

Utilising the latest in digital technology, we have a solution - so you only need make one call.

Compact, organisationally transparent, punctual, professional, polite - and producing exacting results every time.


Sometimes voice is just not enough - you need that slap of the mud on the stage, the buzz of the sun on the field, the sound of expectation in a crowd and the energies that only live performance can bring. 

Whether it be a grand classical music performance in a gorgeous setting, a sun/water drenched festival field, a BIG comedy stage, an intimate acoustic set, a product launch or radio/film event, and outside broadcast - we can capture live audio and simultaneously provide audio mixdowns to broadcast, to camera, to the net or  in multitrack digital for your archive.


Your project is our concern - and it's in safe hands.
  • Audio Capture
  • Broadcast
  • Edit
  • Archiving
Our media showreel demonstrates our diverse professional catalogue through music, drama, community events, cultural performance, spot advertising, branding campaigns and radio features

With endorsements from some of the best in the business, we’re on the money time after time regardless of the task.

AND - as a small business we can discuss flexible budget arrangements to suit your needs.


Radio just isn't radio any more!

The industry now expects visuals to accompany your audio brand. We carry a broadcast quality Sony HVR-Z1E to facilitate live HD video on site. 

In addition we have a Parrot Bebop2 HD video drone that (in safe circumstances) can grab some spectacular video or stills from the location.

We have the capability to edit and upload HD pictures or moving images to the net straight from the site - ready to compliment some perfect audio!
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