Game Sound


Our powerful location resources can easily turn their hand to capturing audio for the gaming sound industry.

With the ability to capture 64 audio sources simultaneously on location you will have opportunities for actuality like you've never had before.

Up to 16 Ambisonic mics can be ingested and binaural sound streamed.

Whether it be aroom, a lake, a heath, a forest, a power-station or a creepy old castle - we can soak up the atmosphere and deliver it to on a hard-disk to take back to the studio and place amazing audio back into your visual world.


We can place discrete mics in the capture field or use the emerging 360-degree mics to lock-in audio just as it appears in the real world.

Audio from each mic position is then recorded in real-time to hard-disk ready for you to run back to the studio with and get gaming!

Remember too - we can support you with any field audio recording project, from single source Foley or a symphony orchestra on a cliff-top (why you would ever want that - we will never question!), traffic on the motorway or birds in the marshes.

360-degrees of AUDIO-OLOGY

This is an emerging field and we bring our expertise to the party and looking forward to collaborative and pioneering projects in the business of location gaming audio - recorded or live.

If you have the ideas, we may just have the audio solutions you're looking for!

Contact us today and let's explore in a surround sound kinda way!
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