Location Music Production


We'll just be sitting quietly backstage.... but, capturing every shout, every scream, every chord, every note, every emotion

As owner, Ivor Richards is a highly experienced and respected live balance engineer & producer. The UK has only a handful of engineers and producers of this calibre, and Ivor’s portfolio puts him up with the leaders.

We have the capacity to record up to 64 audio sources from your stage/event (that's a pretty BIG gig!) and simultaneously produce a superb broadcast mix straight to air, for immediate subscription, download and/or resale in the merchandising chain.

We can also seamlessly engage with the site communications infrastructure and liaise with stage and sound services to foster a slick and hassle-free working relationship based on over 350 live gig recordings.


Imagine getting a bespoke live product off-stage and into the merchandise network within minutes of the final chord!  Whether it be the purchase of a pre-branded USB card/stick with the entire gig on, or the scanning of a QR code on exit, the merchandising revenue potential is enourmous.

Stage-2-Shop is a powerful live audio recording service that works across all genres and will ensure artistes, organisers and audiences can benefit from the capture and sale of performances even before they leave the venue! 

We can attend one-off events or follow tours, collating material for either Stage-2-Shop services or archiving multitrack masters for live compilations destined for later release.

Call us today to discuss collaborative Stage-2-Shop projects for your events .


From any location, urban or rural, we can capture live multi-source audio and simultaneously provide audio mixdowns to broadcast, to camera, to the internet or for your archive.

Our location facility also doubles as an excellent post-production booth. With professional audio and video workstation software on-board, intuitive software control surfaces and exacting audio monitoring you’ll have everything you need to manage your broadcast project without leaving the site.

We have on-board WiFi/4G streaming services so can get your event out on-line, as it happens and ready to engage millions across a worldwide audience.

We have an enviable track-record of working with top-flight artistes and production teams.
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